We are available for seminars/workshops on any of the schools and weapons that we teach. (See the weapons and schools section of this website.)

Past seminars have included:

  • Rapier in the Streets of Spain
  • Academy of the Small-Sword
  • The Spanish School of Swordsmanship – Beyond The Sword
  • Rapier & Dagger: Spanish vs. Italian
  • Small Sword versus Rapier
  • Intro to The Art of Stick Fencing
  • Small-sword: the Elements of Combat
  • Practical Cane Self-Defense
  • The Duel, the Streetfight, and the Ambush
  • The Small-sword and the Blindfold
  • The Foil of No Foil
  • The Use of Counter-Offensive Techniques
  • Movement and Process
  • French Theory and Practice as Applied to Foil, Dagger, and Bayonet
  • Destreza, Applied to Spanish Sword, Rapier and Sabre
  • La Verdadera Destreza and Personal Defence
  • From Rapier to Small-sword, a Technical Evolution
  • Comparison of Italian and Spanish Rapier
  • Small Sword: Street Self-defense, Dueling and Facing Other Weapons
  • Italian & Spanish Rapier Fencing: Tactical Considerations Within the Assault
  • 19th Century Gentleman’s Combative Arts